Grouping in AI
acute care for the child

CDSS in Pediatric


Rapid advances in clinical data collection systems and artificial intelligence (AI) open up prospects for the development and validation of computerized clinical decision to improve patient care and safety.


To this end, CDSS are applications involving a set of algorithms whose aim is to assist the caregiver or manager, by analyzing and synthesizing information. The integration of CDSS into processes is recommended to improve the quality of patient care.


However, the design and implementation of CDSS are complex due to the construction of the decision engine integration and interaction with humans. To overcome these difficulties, we have created the grouping in AI applied to children's acute care.


Our goal is to provide a Quebec infrastructure that enables AI research to flourish, support the next generation and make researchers more competitive. Ultimately, we want to facilitate collaboration, synergy and constructive partnerships at provincial, national and international levels.

Our Vision

The group's vision is based on the desire to consolidate collaborations between members. To this, we want to:

  • Strengthen the operating structure and leverage the impact impact on the healthcare system and patients.
  • Support CDSS research capabilities.

This vision was discussed in the group and is based based on an open innovation model for group members. It is partially open or controlled outside the group. For more details, see our charter.

See our charter

Our projects CDSS

We are proud to present our current projects. To find out more, visit the project section or click directly on one of the following thumbnails.